Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sunday Afternoon: Mother's Day

I posted a while back about trying to do family activities on Sunday afternoons. I was going to post about this past Sunday afternoon, but I realized I never posted our Mother's Day activities.

Rick and I went out on Saturday, and then on Sunday we took the kayaks to an island that is just that. An island. No buildings, potties, etc. So you take what you need with you. Not many people go by kayak, but it's doable and a challenge for us. 

On the side of the island we can access, there isn't any beach area. 

Travis came along.

Without a beach, we play in the water.

Beach volleyball is our new thing this year.

I think we look like castaways on Gilligan's island.
We took Subway subs along and sat on the kayaks to eat.

Lots more to post. Stay tuned.

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