Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Break Highlights 2

One of the highlights of spring break was a trip to the zoo. It was quite a ways away. It's near some beautiful beaches, but we were short on time so only got to spend a few minutes there. It was a little cool for the beach too. But it was definitely beautiful.

The birds were the best part of the zoo.

I bought a hula hoop and beach volleyball

River hung out while mommy went to the dentist

Spring break ended with Easter weekend.

 We were supposed to go to the beach to grill after church, but it poured, so we grilled using the panini press. We made banana boats.

This is my getting ready to go to church in pouring rain look! I did take the raincoat and work boots off!

I am not sure why Ty isn't in any Easter pictures! He went to church and grilled with us. Then he went to movie. But he was here again in the evening.

If you get a chance, check out my parenting blog. There's a lot of variety on it. Today I borrowed someone else's post about parenting attachment disorder kids. I also posted about books to read with your middle school children. Please check it out HERE and click to follow.

I hope to post soon about our Home Depot and Lowes projects and the trip we did make to the beach. We also hope to tube at the springs after church Sunday. It will be a quiet weekend for the child who told each parent that the opposite parent had signed her planner when really she forged my initials due to so many write ups she didn't want us to know about . So she and I will be making up a test and homework she decided not to do this weekend. I also may have some exciting writing projects ahead. So I'll be working on those. River is getting dedicated this Sunday too.

***It's been really quiet on here, and I wonder if anyone is still following. I know once the twins came home from Haiti, most fellow adoptive parents shut down their blogs and are on face book now. If you're still reading this blog, please say so in the comments. Or just say what you did for spring break.


Anonymous said...

I am still reading but I don't comment all the time. I read many adoption blogs, I think a few have gone to instagram. Then there are those who's families have increased to many more kids. I pray things get better with Kayla. Its sad she misses out on so much. Of course River is so adorable.

God bless


Katie Tripp said...

I still love to read about your family. I can't believe how much Kayla has grown.

schnitzelbank said...

We stayed close to home! ;-)

Kathy Cassel said...

Erika--I hope she figures it out soon. I know there's stuff going on with her, but no one has been really helpful in solving any of it. We do plenty of stuff that is unconditional for everyone, but she does miss the big stuff because she can sabotage it for everyone and not be safe.

We have petitioned the state many times to be foster parents and were even approved years ago but it stalled over GA not sending our paperwork. We have tried unsuccessfully to adopt from the waiting list but we truly live in the worst county. They will not update our home study unless another county fills out a ton of paper work for that to happen, and all the other counties say they can't fill it out unless we are actually chosen for the child. I would like 1-2 more older children.

Kathy Cassel said...

Katie--Kayla is now the tallest of the three youngest! I am hoping Kaleb has a growth spurt this summer before he goes into middle school.

Kathy Cassel said...

Schnitzelbank-- we did a lot of outside play at home, but we did wander off to the zoo and lighthouse. It rained a large amount of the week!

Ken S. said...

I'm still here; still reading all of your blogs on the weekend, usually Saturday morning.

sara hunter said...

I read :)

sara hunter said...

I read :)

Anonymous said...

I still read when I get a chance. 8-)

Kathy Cassel said...

Glad to know someone is reading :) Of course one of you is my brother... Although I don't think my sister reads my blog.