Saturday, April 30, 2016

Random photos from my phone

I downloaded the pictures on my phone to my computer. Really random photos. Here are a few:

This is the oldest photo on my phone. It's from the home coming dance last September.

Our first photo class. Also last September.

Before we got our fourth doggy.

Where I walk 2-3 times a week.

Rick's work Christmas party. Feeling like a normal adult for once. (Except I was drinking Dr. Pepper)

Jasmine with our pastor's wife after the Christmas service.

With Adam in January.

River's first day at church. Jessica with our children's minister.

Rick and the twins at church.

In February I surprised everyone with a trip to Escape Manor. I told them I had an activity planned and asked if they were in or not. No clue as to what the activity was. They all chose to be in. The evening before, I told them all where we were going. I had dropped hints and a couple of them had figured it out. We escaped with a few minutes to spare.

At a zoo during spring break.

 At the beach after the zoo.
New doggy Sadie Rose. She'd been without a home for over two years.

River laying across my legs while I write.

Ty rescuing a wooden frame as the trash truck was making its way down the road. He ran three or four blocks with the wagon and got it. We are going to use it to build a raised garden.

I bought him the "Angriest Whopper" for his heroics.

 Johnny jump up for $5 from a yard sale.

At a cycle/jet ski etc open house. I went for the hamburgers they were grilling :)  Well, really we didn't know they had hamburgers, but they were good.

Building a three tier plant holder.

I saw these and sent this photo to Jasmine to see if she'd like them. She did, but we decided to wait and get them for next fall. Hoping they mark them down during the summer.

Picnic on the beach.

Jasmine is going on a choir tour to Colorado the day after school ends. They are biking up Pike's Peak, so we have started riding our bikes in the evening.

 Ty picking up his first vehicle from an independent car repair place.
Jasmine and Kaleb with Newberry award winner Kwame Alexander.

Signing "Crossover"
So, that's a bit of what's on my phone. What's on yours? Come on, play along.


Felicia said...

Bicycling up Pike's Peak! I have taken the train up but can't imagine riding a bike up, too lazy I guess.

Kathy Cassel said...

I think it will be a challenge for them. Not sure Jasmine will make it the whole way.