Monday, November 2, 2015

The Weekend

I love that Jessica comes over and hangs out. That probably won't happen as much now. She has been dropping the huskies at doggy day care because they don't have a good place for them to run.The daycare is near us, so she'd stop and hang out before work. The dogs aren't going to be going to daycare anymore due to expense, so I probably won't see her as often.

Ty gearing up as Captain Falcon for an event at the comic shop.

Ty got an extra pumpkin and carved it with the littles.

This is our new family member--a 2007 Ford Edge. I traded in the 2001 Ford Expedition. It was a good vehicle, and I had it 11 years. I wasn't going to replace it for another two or three years but a series of things prompted me to do it now. The first was that the bank told me I was eligible for the 1.74% car loan, and it was ending on the 30th. Well, due to a technicality, I wasn't eligible. But by then I'd been talking to the dealer about this car and with the trade in, asking him to lower the price  and asking him to lower it again if I paid cash up front, I got him to come down under $10,000.

Other reasons for trading in right now include a long trip next summer that includes mountains and not knowing if the SUV would do well. And one big one--Jasmine turns 15 in February, and in the state of Florida, that means she can drive! The SUV would have been much too big for her to handle. This is smaller, although maybe a bit big for her. We'll see.

I went to the lot to look at a Ford Escape. It was newer and more expensive. Also narrower and no tow bar. When I went to the lot, I told the salesman I needed something with a rack, tow bar and a lot of room in the back for scuba tanks. It had to fit five and be in the $10,000 range.  This was $10,9999 but with fees, taxes etc it was over 13000, so we negotiated. I think he was anxious to clear it off the lot.

I like the mat in the back because of going to the beach or diving we can simply lift the mat out and spray it.

So that was our weekend.

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