Tuesday, November 17, 2015

And My Future Granddaughter's Name is.... (drum roll)

This is from our name reveal game at Jessica's baby shower.

Only a few people came, but we had a  lot of fun. But for Jessica's sake, I wish her friends, coworkers and church acquaintances would have come. But we are in a busy time of year.

We hosted the party at our house. Her friend Delisa wanted to do it, but she has a very small house.

I picked three games, and Delisa picked one.

For game one we melted five kinds of candy bars and smeared one kind in each of five diapers. People had to identify the candy bar by smell. Fun game, but it looks gross! (It's supposed to I think)

 Game two was baby twister. The non pregnant people had balloon babies. You couldn't lose your baby during the game.

We let everyone try this one. The guys had been in the back watching Batman.

Delisa passed out ribbon and everyone had to cut it to be the right size to go around Jessica's baby bump. One lady had it almost exact. I didn't get  pictures of it. She's in the picture below.

They are not being weird, this is the name reveal game. We put the beads with the letters of the baby's name in a ziplock bag along with navy beans. With eyes closed, they had to find the letter beads and arrange them in order with eyes still closed. No one got them in the right order. But once they saw the letters, it was easy to guess the name. What other word has those letters?

She received lots of nice presents.

There's an afghan from my mom not shown in the pictures.

I had everyone write a message or good wish to Jessica or River on the tablecloth. I left a blank in mine for River's name because we hadn't revealed it yet.

We had little sausages both rolled up and in a crock pot with BBQ sauce, meatballs, a cracker tray, a fruit tray, cake and cupcakes. Delisa had brought pinwheels but they were forgotten in the freezer!

Walmart didn't have the cake ready, then they just threw it together. The one in the order book is really cute. This one not so much. Guess we'll go to Publix next time!This is what it looked like in the book:

All in all, the shower was fun, but I wish more  people had come. Her mother in law and step mother in law are having one for her too. They have the advantage of having lots of relative in town and also living much closer to the others. So it should be well attended. The disadvantage is for us that it is the same day as breakfast with Santa and the big Christmas parade.

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Hevel said...

A FB profile can have 5K friends. A page has near unlimited followers. George Takei has over 9 million followers! Karen Kingsbury has over 350,000 followers. Even an imternationally lesser known pop star like Harel Skaat can have ove 60k... So don't give up, the likes will come.

Emily said...

I went to the subscribe link on your parenting blog and got a bunch of html gibberish. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the widget. None of my kids read blogs or I'd have them check out the other ones.

Kathy C. said...

Hevel--I should have checked Karen's again. I'm on her actual personal page and I remember her commenting about it. Perhaps she started the author page because of that. I'll fix that.

One Crowded House said...

Love the name!!!!!