Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another CrazyWeekend

Well, another crazy weekend has come and gone! And it was a very rainy one!
On Friday night Jasmine and I went to watch Adam play soccer with a city league. You can see how wet the grass was. It was also dark and foggy and hard to get any good pictures.

Then Adam had his reserve weekend and the Marine ball. I guess even though they broke up, Deja had agreed to go to the ball with Adam but then stood him up. So he was left with a ticket and hotel room (for her) that didn't get used. So he just hung out with friends. Lesson learned.

 He is very social. A couple of weeks ago he and a bunch of friends went to Universal together.
I didn't have nearly as much fun at his age. I was very serious and in college trying to survive in a school with a very tough grading scale and strict rules.

We woke  up to rain Sunday and people not feeling well, so I made waffles and bacon and we watched a That the World May Know DVD episode about the Ephesian church and an Adventure in Odyssey DVD. Some people slept more and then woke up feeling better.

Houses down here tend to turn green and need washed. We rented a power washer because Jessica is having a baby shower here next Sunday. So, yeah, the kids were power washing in the rain! 
And a couple twins might have gotten power washed too! When Rick and the kids started washing the house yesterday, it was much  nicer weather and there were more "accidental" washings.
Everyone wanted a turn. 
I'm not sure how clean the house is. I guess we won't know until it's dry and sunny out.
Our yard is bad for holding water. People may need to swim to the door by next week.

Jasmine helped me make Haitian macaroni and cheese for lunch.

We did more cleaning and decluttering around the house. Then we took a break, had sherbert floats and tried on some Ninja costumes I got 75% off at Walmart.

Ty is wearing a kids' size 10/12!

Here is Kaleb wearing the same costume Ty had on!
Twin ninjas!
The kids liked the costumes so much that Ty, Jasmine and I made a quick late night trip out to Walmart to get more. We got a size 8 green Ninja and another 14/16 blue. Also got the one below modeled by my bear.
Unfortunately it will probably be too small for the baby by Halloween. Hunter wants to hold her up and do the Lion King thing--as modeled by Jasmine below!
I took several videos of our ninjas singing.
This is what happens when Travis decides he wants to take part.

This is Kaleb's first time to sing for a video. His first time to sing other than in music class or church.

And here's one last video of Jasmine trying a song for the first time:
She is going to keep working on this song.

My brother has also been in the hospital this weekend with a kidney stone and ulcers among other things. They are still trying to figure out what is going on. He was in ICU but has been moved to intermediate care.

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