Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Week: The First Two Days

We had a busy week off of school last week. The nicest part was not having to get up at 5:05 every day!

The twins made crackle jars and filled them with candy to take to their teachers that last day of school before vacation. You can read how they made them HERE.

On Sunday Jessica came over after church and we showed her the turkeys we'd made from cupcakes.  We had a lot of various candy and supplies left, so she made some.

The kids made more turkeys.
This is the first kind we'd made.
And this is the second kind, which used a Nutter Butter cookie.
You can see how we  made them HERE and HERE.

I think Kaleb liked eating them more than making them.
Not sure what this is. Alien turkey?
Ty created a rock star turkey.

Kayla wasn't as in to it as the others, but she made one so she could eat it!
It was absolutely beautiful here in the FL panhandle, so we took advantage of it to get out the scooters, pogo stick and basketball.

Travis just loves his mommy.

Sasha is both a fierce warrior and a true sweetie.

The kids also got very involved in playing Escape:The Curse of the Temple. I'll talk more about that in the next post. It's a good family game.
And if you're doing your Christmas shopping, let me put in a plug for two of my books. These two books are for girls, but we've read through them and done the activities as a family. Christmas vacation is the perfect time to read through them a chapter a day and do all the activities together.
 This one is for ages 8-12 and features quizzes such as What Kind of Learner are You? Are You a Mary or a Martha? How Much Do You Know About Zzzz's? and more. There are lots of crafts which are easy to do and would make nice gifts for teachers, friends and relatives from the kids. My kids loved taking the quizzes together and comparing outcomes, and since they helped design the crafts for the book, it was fun for them to see them in print. I talked a lot more about this book and showed some of the crafts HERE and HERE

This book is for girls 4-8 ish. Each chapter talks about one aspects of families and includes a Bible family and animal family that correlates with the main point. There is a family activity in each chapter plus a whole chapter of family friendly activities at the end. We reread this book in 2014 and did the activities and crafts. HERE'S where we started it and go forward in the blog to see each thing we did and I also talked about how this book can help kids from a hard place HERE.

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