Sunday, May 10, 2015

This Crazy Life

Jasmine traveled to Orlando with her middle school band for competition at Universal Studios. It's not a competition against other bands, but each band is judged and receives a number--1=excellent, 2=superior, 3=good and so on. Her band got a 2.

4:45 a.m.

5:30 a.m. at the school
Cleft bear is going too!! 
6:16 a.m. The bus pulls out with the band members on the top and the choir members on the bottom, instruments and luggage in the back. This bus was huge!!

They competed on Friday afternoon shortly after they arrived. As you can see from the above pictures, the band members had on their band uniform pants and shoes so just had to pull on their white tux shirts, ties and cummerbunds.

They went to City Walk Friday evening and then spent most of  Saturday at Universal. They arrived home just before midnight. It's a 6-7 hour drive.

Jeff and the other guys have been in Korea since January and will be back stateside soon. 
 They are celebrating their last month in Korea.

Jessica comes over for breakfast and to work on our book once a week or so. She has a new job waitressing at a place right on the beach, but it's quite a drive out there. She's wearing her uniform. Surprised they can wear shorts, but it is summer in FL.

Adam will be going on his two weeks reserve duty to California this summer.

Tyler will be aging out of Job Corps in July. He has summer break, then goes back for just a couple of weeks. He is doing computer tech stuff but does not like it and doesn't want to get a job in that career field. He'd rather do manual labor. Computer skills aren't a bad thing to have though.

We have about four weeks of school left, and things are getting really crazy. Kaleb has just a few more baseball games, and his team is tied for first place. He is still scared of the ball and  has never gotten a hit. I hope he does. I think it'll do a lot for his confidence.
Kaleb has a paper bag book report due Friday. We've done them before, but not this detailed. Each side has several things that have to go on it--character descriptions which have to be justified by proof from the book, setting, conflict and resolution, book outline and so on. He has two sides done so far. At least this time I know about the project!

He is still level one in gymnastics. I think he only needs two or three more stars.

Kayla has field day Friday, which is also the twins' birthday. Saturday is the Armed Forces Family run, Kaleb's party and one of the schools is doing "Into the Woods."  It's the school Jasmine will be at next year. Some of the grades are going to see a special performance, but if she doesn't get to see it, we'll try to go. 

The week after that has dress rehearsals and the dance recital for Jasmine, plus her last concert of middle school and a reception and awards. Kaleb is coming up on his annual eye exam with a dr who is only in town one day every three months! Both twins have dental appointments and so does Jasmine. Kaleb and Jasmine have adhd follow ups and Jasmine has a physical!

School is out June 5, but then life gets even crazier!


One Crowded House said...

I feel you busyness- it is that way here too. But honestly, I'm nervous for summer to come and have the attitudes with me full time :(
I've signed up for VBS and a couple of camps and family will be visiting this summer... I'm still nervous!

Anonymous said...

My daughter that is in the Army Reserves does computers. They go no where on her two weeks military training but the same place she is every month. The only place they travel is up to Washington to Ft Lewis to the shooting range. She is wanting to change her MOS to MP and go active duty.


Kathy C. said...

Tanya-I understand. You have a lot going. I'll only have 3-4 here this summer.

Erika--Adam is going to CA for a month. But he's wishing he'd gone active duty also. But he also likes making a lot of money as a manager so who knows what he'll do.