Thursday, May 21, 2015

Countdown to the End of Middle School

So much is happening these last couple of weeks before school ends for the summer. And a lot of them have to do with  "lasts" for Jasmine.

On Tuesday, Jasmine had her last middle school concert, and they decided to have an awards ceremony after the concert isntead of a separate banquet due to going to the competition at Universal. No one felt like spending much more money or having another night out.

Yes, she danced across the stage! :)

Adam couldn't make it, so we  stopped by to see him. And of course he gave her free chicken strips and mac and cheese.

On her way to dress rehearsal, homework in hand. Hard to keep upwith homework when she comes home, changes and is right back out the door to concerts, rehearsals etc.

Trophy for nine years of dance. She has not been a serious dancer, never interested in being in company. She just likes jazz or hip hop. She did one year of  ballet when she was much younger and two years of tap. But then only jazz and hip hop. This year hip hop was the only class to fit in her schedule. This is her last year to dance as a middle schooler. We are not sure if she will be in dance at all next year due to Monday night County Christian Youth Choir, and Tuesday/Thursday after school band pratices. Band meets every day before school too because there is not room in the schedule for band. They are on the block system. 
I hope she is able to take at least one dance class next year, because she really enjoys it. And it's nice when kids can do the things that come more naturally to them. She struggles so much with school, but singing, dancing and percussion are things she enjoys, so I'd like her to be able to develop those talents.

So much still ahead for all the kids, but this is it for this post. Tonight is Kaleb's last baseball game for the season and his party if it doesn't rain.


Emily said...

She has such a beautiful voice, too. I would love to see video of her dancing. Dancing kids make me happy. =) Also, I hope it works out for her to take dance again next year.

schnitzelbank said...

Does her high school have a dance team or Pom squad? Maybe she can participate there, if the studio doesn't jive with her schedule.

Kathy C. said...

The school has things like that but it's quite a time committment. Jasmine only wants to do a jazz and/or hip hop class. We'll have to see what works out for fall.

Kathy C. said...

Emily-It's a hard place to get videos or pictures. They do a professional video but it's like $40!!!!!