Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

It was supposed to rain over Memorial Day weekend, but thankfully it didn't.

 The pool opened on Saturday, so we decided to go use our season passes for the first time. I've been wearing the same suit every single time we go to the pool, beach or anywhere else the past two years, so I pulled out an old suit I'd worn from 2006-2012 and wore it.

The straps felt worn, and I was going to tie a knot in them to tighten them for security sake but was in a hurry. The first couple of laps I swam went fine. Then I saw Jasmine talking to a friend from school and her mother. I surfaced. Part of my swimsuit top didn't surface with me. Jasmine did not tell me until the mother and daughter had fled the scene. Oops. Nothing like flashing her friend and mom! And who knows who else?

Jasmine is giving the sign for "peeing." She assures me she was not really peeing though. :)

At least I was all tucked in for the photos!

On Sunday Jasmine and I certified as PADI divers. You can read about that adventure two posts back.

On Monday we headed to the bay where we were joined by the Miller family, Jessica and Hunter, Adam and Deja plus Ish and two of Deja's siblings.

Unfortunately, I think the older kids were all bored. Last time someone brought a football. This time they didn't. Note to self: Bring toys for the big kids. Maybe some of those huge water guns and start a battle?

 We had two security type issues at the bay. First, we are in threatcon Bravo, and Rick dropped off the bins of life jackets and kayaks, then left to come home and get the jet ski. When I got to the bay, our pavilion was surrounded by security. You know, like in the airport where they tell you not to leave your bag unattended. But we've always left our stuff to come back for the rest. We register for the pavilion, so they know who we are. Oh well. Guess the ISIS thing has everyone in high alert.
The second thing that happened was that Jasmine was driving the jet ski, and I was on the back. We got pulled over by the "water police." There were new buoys, and I thought maybe we had violated something concerning them. But they just wanted to know how old Jasmine was. Fourteen is the age to drive a boat in FL so we were legit. They thought she was younger. She has driven previous years, and I've never worried about it because I can simple reach around her and take over at any time. She did panic a bit when the boat pulled right up to us with blue lights flashing, and she did not stop well. We talked about that later and practiced.


Deja and her younger sister



The Millers brought a watermelon. I think I'm the only one who doesn't eat any kind of melon.

We had lots of issues with Kaleb this week concerning a project about the state of Florida which was worth multiple test grades in both Social Studies and Language Arts. It was assigned May 1. He "lost" all the reminders about it and "forgot" about it until the night before it was due when the blank project pack fell out of his backpack--over three weeks after it was assigned. 

He finally turned it in today, a week late, still incomplete. Teacher said they worked on it in class the whole first week of May. After I found it and got him started, he would not focus on it, would copy straight from websites and have no idea what he wrote.

It was about 30 pages long and it would have been very doable in three weeks' time. One of his classmates came over to play while some of us moms watched a Liz Curtis Higgs DVD and confirmed they had time to do it in class and that the teacher reminded them every day to go home and work on it. Yet every day he came home, said he had nothing to do and played with Legos. From reading your blogs and fb statuses, I know some of you are also dealing with homework issues with children. 

Thank goodness there are only 4 1/2 more school days!

But Jasmine is in finals now, and that's never fun. Plus next week we have multiple appointments everyday. That's because when I scheduled them, the June calendar had just opened and May appointments were all gone.

If all goes well tomorrow we will all be diving. Kaleb is repeating the intro class due to freaking out last time. Kayla will be doing it for the first time. Jasmine is diving with Alex, our instructor, to see if she can clear her ears better, and Rick and I will be diving together for the first time. We will be in the same area as the others but without an instructor. I wish Jessica were able to dive but she's out until after Baby Woodruff is born after Christmas.

I really encourage all of you to start planning summer reading for your child. And of course I recommend my books :)  We are currently reading The Christian Girl's Guide to the Bible in circle time at night along with The Wizard of Oz. So they are learning more about the Bible and how to use their imaginations both! 

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I hope to get to The Christian Girl's Guide to Me: The Quiz Book this summer. It's probably the most fun one if you have a friend to do it with. Or siblings.

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I've posted about some of my books in a summer reading post and will be posting about more of them soon. I also gave other recommendations for girls in my last blog post about the Disney Princesses.

Oh yeah, and if you have a swim suit "oops" story to make me feel better about flashing the pool, post below :)

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Katie Tripp said...

It looks like you had a fun weekend! We spent the weekend at my cousin's or mom's house, but I still think it's too cold to go into the pool. I sat in my cousin's pool today, but I still thought it was cold. My boys were happy to go in though. We've been reading lots of books, but we are finding some we probably would never pick up, except there are very limited amounts of audio books. I do understand the homework issue, my son refused to work on a big project on space, until the week it was due. He got it done, but only with me pushing him every night. So, this story might not make you feel better, but years ago, my mom's friend decided to go for a dip in her pool, except, since it was in her backyard and she had no kids, etc, she decided to go without a suit. Which was fine, until she realized her neighbor was working on his roof, lol.