Saturday, May 23, 2015

End of Baseball and Dance

This week marked the end of Kaleb's first season of baseball and Jasmine's 9th year of dance.
He is still scared of the ball. He didn't get a hit all season. He got walked a few times so got to steal bases and score points. But at this last game he swung at anything even the ball that hit the ground three feet in front of the white line. Maybe it will all come together next year.

They all got baseballs to get each other's signatures.
They were first place in the league but I think all the teams provided participation trophies anyway.

Ready for the recital.

With dance friends

With her hip hop teacher.

There's a program with all the class pictures, plus you can purchase a whole page, half page or quarter page to dedicate to your dancer.

There were 56 dances!! So it was over three hours long.

We have lots of plans for this three day weekend, but they all depend on having good weather. Here's hoping!

I'm seeing on facebook that a lot of people are out of school for the summer already. We started around August 18 and end June 5. What about the rest of you?

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