Sunday, March 1, 2015

Regular Week, Gearing up for Weeks of Stress!

I haven't posted much, because there isn't much to post! It's been a regular week.
I've been working on a young adult fiction project.

I don't know how I'd get anything done without all the help I get!

Sasha especially likes to walk on the keyboard and type for me! You can see all five of our pets in this photo. Starting next to Jasmine--Sasha, turned one this month, Travis smushed under Sasha-turned 2 yesterday, Max next to me, 15 -got him when we first moved back stateside from England summer '99, Jayden-somewhere between 8 &12?, Caspian-4.

One day Travis was in the house, and all of a sudden he went crazy. Like "danger alert" crazy, jumping and growling and snapping. We've only seen that behavior on walks where another dog dares come near his people. Turns out he saw this balloon Adam had given Jasmine and though it was a threat to his people. So we held him up to it so it could see it wasn't real.
Jasmine got a game as one of her gifts from my brother. It's a bit complicated. Anyone ever play this game? It came from the calendar store in the mall that's only there for a couple of months.

While she and Rick figured it out, I went on a DQ run for anyone who was cooperating at the time.

Yesterday was Travis' birthday. Pets don't normally eat on the counter. But it was also Trifexus day. We smash it up in canned dog food and have to separate the dogs so we know each dog gets his/her meds. 

Travis thought maybe mom's cereal would be tastier.

Sasha is playing with Travis' present, because Travis gets attached to one toy and only wants that toy.

So the cow is all he wants. He will fetch it over and over. This is actually the second cow, but I'm not sure he realizes the first one was replaced. 

Waffles for supper. We do this some times on Friday or Saturday night.

Daddy/daughter ready for church.

I know some of you are shoveling yourselves out this week, so I won't complain about our 50ish, rainy weather (30s at night). We don't have to shovel it. First part of this coming week is suppose to get up to 74F for a high and be dry. Second half of the week is supposed to be 50F and rainy.

On Monday Kayla has the state writing test. I was looking at her practice papers and was blown away. She was given several article on a topic to read. From them she had to prepare an web, transition and outlines.
From that she has to write a five paragraph essay with at least one quote with documentation in it. Her essay is two and a half pages long.

Jasmine has her writing test on Tuesday and Wednesday. If fourth grade has to write a five paragraph essay, I hate to know how long Jasmine's has to be. She really struggles with it. Kaleb's test is the same as Kayla's, but his is next week. He has not done nearly as much practicing as Kayla has.

I do not remember ever learning how to write a paper in school at all!

Spring break is the week of the 23rd and then we go into the regular state testing. FCAT has been replaced with a test that is "more compatible with the common core standards." I've heard it's straight from &^%%. Instead of multiple choice, it's short answer and essays. Won't that be fun for our kids who struggle?!

Jasmine has MPA next Saturday. That's where all the bands play before judges and get a rating. She is playing orchestra bells or xylophone and feels ready.

What's next for you?


One Crowded House said...

Track tryouts are tomorrow and tues for Tristan. Our yard and driveway is a mudpit from our snow. Our kids have been in the house way too much lately and it shows in their attitudes. We need spring- and FAST!!!!

:)De said...

Just back to a regular week. I am going to be switching curriculum in the fall, so we have been sampling bits and pieces of the new one every day. Studying the Constitution for the next 2 weeks and worked on learning the Preamble this weekend.

We love breakfast for dinner!