Monday, March 30, 2015

More Spring Break

Ty is still at Job Corps in KY. He had a chance to go to the Louisville Slugger Museum with some of the GO crew.
I think we can crop this to look like a real baseball card, but I don't have a program for that on my computer.

He's not enjoying the program he's in --IT. But he's had a lot of cool trips and experiences lately like the fire training, rodeo, this museum, Muhammad Ali Museum, Amish store and mall etc. They go to movies once in a while, but often it's not a movie Ty would choose.
Jasmine wore her new necklace to church (see the last post to see how we made them)
 We did a McDonalds' sundae run. It was really our second one this week.

We are still reading Robin Hood, but we were reading a version from 1923, and it was just too difficult for the kids to understand. So I got the puffin classic version from amazon for my kindle, and we started over. Of course you can't read Robin Hood without shooting archery. Well, technically you could, but what would be the fun in that?

This is what happens when you shoot it over the fence. You have to climb over and get it. Unfortunately this arrow was not found.

Kaleb has the best eye for it, but the most trouble with the bow.

He out shot both sisters both times, but we only compete against our own scores :)

Kaleb has his second baseball game tonight. I think we played the least talented team in the first game, and the pitcher walked everyone. They said tonight's team is tough. So our guys are going to have to play strong. I'd love to say Kaleb is an athlete, but unless we are talking about running, it's just not true. But he is trying and improving. And he's having fun with it. We'll see where the season takes him.

Little missy is home today on out of school suspension for stealing and violence. I gave her verses to write about kindness, and she refused to write them. I didn't give her jobs because then she would have gotten my individual attention for the poor behavior. She is going to get to write the verses on Friday when we are off of school. We will be at the beach, so she will not be happy I'm sure. But it was her choice to steal and assault a child and to refuse to write the verses today. Right now she is seeing how horrible she can be. That's a choice also. One that means she can't be with the others because she can't treat them right today. I know some of you reading this blog are going through the same thing, so know that you are not alone. And hopefully all our kiddos will eventually figure out that good choices mean more privileges, and poor choices mean a loss of trust and privileges. Right now she has to be within sight of Rick or I except at Sunday school and school.

I don't want to end on a negative note, so I'll post Jasmine's picture that we got in the mail a few days ago.
This her "attitude" picture. They put them altogether for a percussion picture & woodwind picture.
Love it!

Here is last year's. Both different, yet both uniquely Jasmine.

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