Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kid Updates part 1

I haven't done an update on all the kids lately, so I will attempt that now. Unfortunately, I have few pictures of the ones who aren't living at home anymore.

Tyler is still at Job Corps. He hates the computer program he's in. He wants to do something hands on. So when he had a chance to do fire training for a week, he jumped on it. To qualify, he had to power walk, not run, 3 miles with 45 pounds on his back in 45 minutes. He made that easily, even in the snow.

So he got to go to another location in KY to train. Due to the snow, they did not get to do the outside hands on training. But he passed the written test with a 99% and did the official pack test (45 pounds/45 minutes), so he has his FFT2 certification. That's for wildfires and such. He's back at his own location now and hoping his crew gets called out for a fire before he ages out this coming summer. He would really like to do something more like that than work with computers. I'm hoping he'll go ahead and push to get his computer certification too before he ages out.

He's gotten to do several trips lately for being in leadership (he is head of recreation) and for winning dorm of the month.

He went to the rodeo, to the Muhammad Ali Museum, to the mall and Amish store and out to eat. Not all on the same day! I posted some rodeo pictures back then, but I don't have any new pictures of him.

Jessica is still going to school part time. She was supposed to graduate last May, but didn't. She had two classes to finish up. She will not be graduating this May either because she hasn't done an internship. They fill up very quickly and she didn't get a spot. She hopes to get one for the summer and to start police academy in the fall.

She got her official wedding photos. (Took long enough, right?)  I'm posting three below.

Jeff is now stationed in Korea. He reported in January 10, and I think it's a year long tour. He is competing on the combative team, which I have no idea what is. I've messaged him, but don't hear back often. No photos of him since the wedding.

Adam shows up for special occasions. He is going to school full time at the community college and is also manager at Church's Chicken, so he doesn't have a lot of free time. He goes to his marine reserve base the first weekend of the month, and may get to go to California for two weeks for reserve training this summer. I would love to share his future plans with you, but they change often :)  He has mentioned going active duty, but he's mentioned other plans too. So time will tell. I'd like to see him doing something more exciting than frying chicken. But he's making very good money for someone his age, and he likes seeing that money in his bank account. And he likes buying expensive name brand clothes and athletic shoes. Both he and Jessica drive new 2014 cars, while I drive a 2001 SUV! But he has a good heart, and I know he'll do well at whatever he does.

Adam is especially close to Jasmine.

To be continued....


Anonymous said...

Great bunch of kids though. Being productive. Lots of wild fire jobs available soon I am sure on the west coast will be bad. California with its drought and Pacific Northwest no snow. Congrats to Taylor. Beautiful wedding pictures of Jessica. Praying she gets her internship this summer. Yay Jeff in Korea still serving his country what a hero. One of my daughters is Korean obsessed and hopes the North falls soon or a certain dictator I should say so she can adopt from there. Yay to Adam who also serves in Marine reserves, another hero of course. Well even if he hasn't made up his mine he is working 2 jobs and going to school. My Army reserve daughter and working full time daughter (assisted living med passer) I wish she would go back to school too.

God bless


Kathy C. said...

Thank you for your nice comments about the kids.

Emily said...

I just love it when you post photos of Adam and Jasmine. That is the sweetest relationship, and it gives me warm fuzzies every time! I always wanted a big brother. That photo of Jessica is stunning! Absolutely beautiful! I hope you'll post more of the wedding pictures. =)

Kathy C. said...

He's a good big brother to her. I just wish he had more time.

Felicia said...

Love the wedding pictures. Relationships change so quick once kids move out and get on with their own lives. Your adult kids are all working, training or moving forward in some way, that is great.

Kathy C. said...

So true Felicia. Not enjoying all the changes. Miss a full house.

granma cassel said...

Keep up the good work Ty,what a handsome young man you are,I know you'll find your spot in life.
Jessica is a beautiful young lady,praying she'll get her internship this summer. Her and Hunter make a cute couple.
Thank you Jeff for you service for our country.
Adam you cutie thank you for your service.God be w/each of your family

Kathy C. said...

Thank you. Proud of all of them.

One Crowded House said...

Love all the new pictures!