Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wedding Week

Tomorrow is it! People have been arriving from out of town this week. It's crazy, but a good crazy.
Jasmine, the puppies and I watched My Boyfriends' Dogs on Hallmark.

Jessica packed up her room. It used to be hers and Jasmines and then Kayla joined them in it. Then when Adam left, we put Kaleb in with Tyler and moved Jasmine and Kayla to Adam's room. Now Jasmine will have this room, and Kayla will have the other room. Confusing?

My mom and sister picked Ty David up on their way down. They got in Wednesday evening. His hair has grown out, so he had two colored hair. I think it actually looks cool. But we decided not to leave it that way because soon all the blond would be gone, and he doesn't really have a good way to dye it at Job Corps.

Kayla and my mom

Ty David

Ty and my sister.

We made homemade shakes.

Adam stopped by.

The twins with my mom.

The twins with my sister.



We decided to play rummikub. This was Jessica's request.

Cheat much??

Rick looks like he'd had a long day.

This morning. He just rolled out of bed and left his hair as it was!

Getting it bleached.

And cut

My mom isn't able to walk more than a few feet so we found a place for her to sit while we walked at the park.

Brother and sister

A minute before she was trying to knock him over I think.

We didn't have a good week at school! I asked for family leave for the kids' for all day tomorrow and Monday. Kaleb's was denied due to grades. Of course he has to go to the wedding, but we've decided he needs to live with his choices so Rick will pick him up at noon. Planners had way too many notes this week. Neither twin was granted Monday off. 

I wasn't able to go to rehearsal, but we all went to Hunter's dad's house afterward.

Rick took pictures at the rehearsal. He's walking her down "the aisle" so needed to make sure he could walk on sand in his dress shoes. Ty will be escorting me down "the aisle." I'll post the rehearsal pictures at another time.


:)De said...

what are the consequences if you were to take them out of school with out them granting permission?

Kathy C. said...

NOt much than can do really.