Sunday, October 19, 2014

Moving into Wedding Week

This was a busy week around the house. Rick has been out of work since October 1, so I decided it was a good time to do everything around the house we'd been putting off. We used to move every 3-4 years with the military, so things would get cleaned out and we'd move into a sparkling clean house. But we've had this house eleven years this coming week, and with the possibility of having to move to get a job, it was just time to clean. 

With people coming for the wedding next week, we have to get it all put back together. We've taken everything out of the utility closet and reorganized, taken everything out of the kitchen cupboards, got rid of a load of water bottles and dead storage containers and sprayed and wiped all the shelves. (This is FL so we have tons of roaches!) We've attempted to clean out the extra clutter in bathrooms but that seems to be a lost cause!
Jessica repainted the kids' bathroom. I don't have pictures of the other cleaning. I guess it wasn't that exciting. I should have taken one of all the utility room stuff filling up the whole kitchen.

Jessica took a day away for a dead body seminar. I'd gone with her, but it turned out that it was going to be all day in the woods, and I'm allergic to pretty much everything in the woods! So she stayed, and I went to the mall and started some Christmas shopping. She has one college class plus cave diving and she's working at Applebees still.

Jasmine and Rick finished up the experimental portion of Jasmine's science project. She did the rough draft of the paper and the bibliography, but forgot to turn the bibliography in for two days so will have a very low score on it. She needs to do the charts and the board.

We went to Maze Runner last week and Planes 2: Fire and Rescue this week. Maze Runner had a lot of swearing in it, which was totally unnecessary and distracted me from the plot. Not sure yet what I think of it. Planes 2 just didn't have much to it. But if you are 8 or under, you'd probably think it was a great movie.

Last might a few of us got together for an impromptu shower, or girl's night out, for Jessica. Jasmine got to go along. She's really well behaved and handles herself very well in social situations, so she got to be one of the adults last night.

We started at Chill.

We got her a table cloth, candle holder and candles plus the blue strainer. We bought the strainer at a kitchen store on the TN trip. The rest was a surprise.
Only my Jessi....

Lisa, her future mother in law, bought her several pairs of Victoria's Secret undies. I think this is when they saw that a guy had been very carefully watching from across the room as  Jessica held each pair up.

Then someone decided we should drive another half hour to Wild Wings where we waited an hour for a table. The FSU/Notre Dame and FL/MS games were on and there were about 300+ people shouting the whole time, so talking was not an option.

I know not everyone is shown on the blog. I just didn't take that many pictures except for the girl's night out. So you'll see them all in the next few posts as we are now in the wedding week!!

My mom is going to try and make the trip down. Lots of prayers please. She's really not in good shape to travel but gets so bored and wants to get out. It's about a 16 hour drive for them. They are stopping to get Tyler on the way. They come down I 65 and he's off of I 65 near Mammoth Cave. A friend and her family who live in the same town as my mom and sister are flying down, and her mother is coming along also.

Busy week ahead as we get Jessica moved out, the final stuff done for the wedding and then there's the actual wedding itself next Friday on the  beach. Right now the forecast is for 73F and sunny.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a wild party. LOL.
I bet everyone there was cheering for FSU while all the restaurants here were cheering for ND. unfortunately the ND fans did not end happy as they lost on a bad call on the last play which was probably partiality on the part of the refs since they were at FSU.
Hoping to see you sometime late Wed afternoon if all goes well and mom does ok.


Felicia said...

Lots of changes in your household. I know that you are going to miss having Jessica around. Congratulations to the couple.