Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wedding Rehearsal and before the ceremony

We have over 1,000 pictures of the last four days, and I don't think you want to see them all! I'll start by posting a few from the rehearsal and some from before the wedding.

Jessica's siblings started showing up before the wedding. Jasmine and Kayla were with me. Kaleb had to go to school due to poor grades, so Rick picked him up around noon and brought him. Jeff drove 20 hours straight through from his army base in Texas, and Adam picked up Deja and came over. Tyler, of course, had come down with my mom and sister.

Adam and Deja


 I was in and out between the room I'd reserved so my mom would have a place to rest and we would have a place to change and the room where Jessica was getting ready.
tables set up for the reception

Jessica and Jasmine. The sky was beautiful.

Hunter's cousin did her  hair and make up.

The water is beautiful. It fits right in with her wedding colors.

We got her into her dress at the last minute. They sent the guest down at 20 minutes until 4. Hunter's mom went next, and I was supposed to follow her, but we were still getting Jessica into her dress. It was her mother-in-law's room and a lot of people were in and out of it. We were still shoving guys out so she could get dressed less than 30 minutes before the wedding.
Ready to go.


Katie Tripp said...

Everyone looks fabulous! I wish all the happiness in the world for Jessica and Hunter! Congratulations!

Emily said...

I am so glad Jeff was able to come!