Monday, January 6, 2014


Monday. And we are back to a normal schedule.
Adam and Jasmine made a rice krispy treat train last week.

The girls played some Just Dance

And played with Travis, who loves his new duck.

We celebrated my birthday two days early because Tuesdays are crazy and also Ty won't be here tomorrow.

We had a bit of trouble getting a good picture. Someone said something that set everyone off right before the timer went off.

The girls doing their Miley imitation.

Let's pile on mom.

The three kings have arrived just in time for Three Kings Day today.

Shoes were filled. We have a work boot, hiking boot, marine boot, scuba dive "boot," rubber work boot, new running shoe and casual shoe.


The kids are back to school today, and Ty flies out today. Only Adam is at loose ends because he didn't do what he needed to in order start college today. So no college for him this semester.

Hope you are all staying warm today. Who all has a snow day?

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