Friday, January 24, 2014


Our tickets were the military special four day park hopper passes. We had two days left on them. Rick hadn't gone before, so he used his first two.

The first day we started at Epcot. We stayed there until about 2 p.m. Then we left Adam and Jasmine there and took the twins back to the hotel to nap with the intent of going to Magic Kingdom later. They were also getting a bit nasty with us, so we felt they needed to leave for a while.

He didn't buy it. He might have if it weren't over $20.

Ready to go on Mission Space.

Our team for Mission Space.

Test track
Trying soda from around the world.

Loving the Italy soda.

We went back to Magic Kingdom about 7 p.m. (We left way before that, but you have to take the tram, then the monorail, then go through bag check etc). We stayed until midnight. Everyone was doing well at this time. We would have stayed until it closed at 1 a.m. but we would have been in a massive traffic jam.

Magic Kingdom

Day two we went to Hollywood Studios. Being a holiday, it was packed! Wall to wall people.

We went back to Magic Kingdom, but all the rides had 1-2 hour rides or longer. We don't really have any time we can go that isn't crowded because of school. But Monday was just over-the-top crazy. And as you know from the last post, Rick and I ended up sitting time out with the twins a majority of the time.

But, Rick and I are going to try and get away by ourselves a few days in March, and since he has two days on his pass, we may go back by ourselves. Not my first choice, but affordable. We've been away alone very few times in our 25 1/2 years of marriage. So we're just going to make it happen.


One Crowded House said...

We were just talking to our kids this past weekend about how Jeff and I have only been away from our kids 1 overnight (for fun)- the other times we were away from our kids we were in the hospital having more kids- or out of the country adopting kids. It would be lovely to have a few days away- even if it were to an amusement park!!!! I hope you get to do it!

Felicia said...

Enjoy your time away! John and I have some trips planned for ourselves too.

Kathy C. said...

We have to wait and see what they are going to do about a hernia he has before we finalize plans.