Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gloomy Weather and more

Well, the sunshine state is totally gloomy today. So is my mood. The cold doesn't bother me since I grew up in Elkhart, IN, which is on the Indiana/Michigan line and near Notre Dame. But gloom definitely bothers me.

They've actually canceled school for tomorrow. I have to go out anyway because Jasmine has an orthodontist appointment. But once home I plan to do nothing. Anyone who can cooperate can just watch Disney movies all day!! Update: all appts canceled, and one child brought home a terrible report of how she was mean, rude and inappropriate to others today so one will be in her room.

Adam moved into an apartment with a friend at the beginning of the week. (The above picture is only what he took at the time. He has lots more still here.) Our adult children are welcome to stay as long as they are in college or working toward some other goal. But Adam has decided to just work full time at Church's Chicken for now and do Marine reserves. I told him he needed a plan in place by next fall--such as going to college or doing active reserve or something. But he went ahead and moved in with a friend now rather than wait until fall, and that is probably a good thing for him. He likes to run around half the night, so he will be able to do that without having to be accountable to us. He is a very social person. 

I think he will do well, but I hope he plans to do more with his life than just work at Church's Chicken. I know  he wants to, but he needs to start taking the steps to make it happen. He hasn't yet done what he needs to in order to start college in the fall or to get his drivers license. I set everything up for his permit when he was 16, and he took the drug course, but never actually took the written test for the permit. The drug certification expired after 18 months.

I took Rick to Outback for dinner one night. We haven't really made going out a priority, but we are working on that. I think we need the time for just the two of us. We are still planning on a few days away in March. The Dr thought he had a hernia that was going to need surgery, but it's stomach issue instead and will be treated with meds.
The twins have been home four years now. They came home January 25, 2010.

So we took a little time out from homework to play and celebrate.

Jasmine does not like dresses at all, and I share that!! I had to wear them snow, sleet or whatever for six years to a Baptist school. I do not even own a dress anymore!! I got Jasmine this outfit for church. I'm not picky about what the kids wear to church as long as their heart and their attitudes are good and the clothing is clean and appropriate. (Some of the girls wear booty shorts and camisoles when it's warm!! Not my girls.)

So, that's it from here. How are you all dealing with the weather? Snow days?


Felicia said...

My kids had the day off of school for snow....which we are still waiting for. Tomorrow has been called off too but we have been told it will snow.

One Crowded House said...

We have a snow day here tomorrow too. We watched Soul Surfer tonight and hopefully some will sleep in tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

It is always gloomy here. that is what I hate the most about living in Indiana. South Bend has had over 70 inches of snow this winter, most of it since you were here in Nov and we are not far behind in the snow category. The snow piles by our driveway are now taller than the twins. they could sled in the yard. :) Just try to endure but the long, long winters get on my nerves, especially since the only time we see the sun is when the temp is around 0. every time it warms up to 20, we have clouds and snow.
Your loving sister.

Kathy C. said...

Second day off. Thankfully it's going to 71F on Saturday! Love to send you some Lou.

Hope you survived it Felicia and Tanya.

Katie Tripp said...

Here in AZ, we've had pretty typical weather. Maybe a little warm, but not hot yet. I'm sure we'll pay for the nice winter during the summer, but the kids are happy now :)

Rose Anne said...

well lets see we got 6 more inches yesterday , are all starting to not cough our heads off and have to try and pack for the move which is next weekend. If you hear screaming its just me losing it!

Kathy C. said...

That's enough snow Rose Anne!!

Ken S. said...

Adam needs to bear in mind that his job at Church's Chicken is likely to go away if Obama gets a higher minimum wage rammed through Congress.

And if Florida is as a stupid as Nevada and has the state minimum wage set to always be a certain amount above the federal minimum wage, it's even more likely.

Kathy C. said...

I can't believe he's only going into the second year of his second term. Hard to believe how much damage he can do to our country.