Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back from Disney

We drove down to Orlando on Saturday. We used the last two days of our passes on Sunday and Monday. Monday was wall-to-wall people with two hour lines on the rides due to it being a holiday. I knew that was a possibility, but it being a holiday also meant we had time to go.

It started out pretty well Sunday, but on Monday it fell apart because the twins were running wild and when they had to wear wrist leashes (It was really wall-to-wall people so not wearing them would have been a safety issue.) So they went into super pout mode. To the point where other people were noticing. At the Wreck it Ralph photo spot, the lady there even commented on the large pouts. She was trying to get them to smile, but I told her just take it. So here's what we got:

So, happiest place on earth, but they have to pout because we won't let them run wild. They don't realize that not everyone gets to go to Disney.

I have other pictures and even some smile ones that I'll post later.


Tracy said...

You can put me on a wrist leash if you'll take me to Disney!

Kathy C. said...

Really! I doubt you'd need a leash :)