Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day Before Thanksgiving

Jasmine with the gingerbread bears.

Tyler, Jessica and Anthony play Life. I hate that game. Always have. It's just too depressing. And now I'm living it--just saved up money? Too bad. Four people need dental work etc.

The twins' first holiday season.

My gingerbread bear.






Jessica and Anthony make peanut butter cookies with toffee bits.

Ants in the Pants--trying to teach Anthony to be a kid


Penguin Pile Up


Adam challenges Anthony to ping pong. Hate shooting this way--you can see all the clutter. My desk never looks nice. Even if I"m not working on a book, the hutch always looks cluttered.

This end isn't as cluttered. This is supposed to be my office. hahahaha

Banquet pies. Got one free with each Banquet family sized meal.


Felicia said...

Hey, I realized that in my blog the picture of the kids carrying the Christmas tree box shows my desk. Only, I have two cluttered desks. Seems like if there is an empty flat spot here, it gets covered with something. So, your clutter doesn't seem like much to me, just life!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!