Friday, November 5, 2010

Crew Updates

A few posts back I wrote about all the decisions, changes etc. going on. Since not much news worthy has happened this week, I thought I'd update you about some of those things.

Tyler is working hard to pull his grades up so he can get into the University of West Florida. This may be a tough transition for him with his aspergers. But I know he can do it.

Jessica is struggling with grades after graduating from high school with a 3.8 gpa. She is working to get them up where they need to be. She has started color guard and swat and loves them. They, along with gymnastics, explorers and Baptist College Ministry are ALL on Thursdays so that is her crazy day. Her classes are out at 12:15. She goes to BCM on campus then comes home for the car for tumbling and the rest. She has many options open. She found out she's old enough for police academy and to work at our local PD but that's not what she wants to do right now. Still, it's nice to have choices. She is finishing up references for leadership training for TMI next summer. She need seven more prayer partners for next summer.

Jeff just needs to finish up geometry and be done with his schooling. He is not sure how long it will take him to work through it. He wanted to be done by Christmas but math is NOT his strong point. I really, really, really wish things had turned out better with him. I wish I'd known more about attachment. I wish he and Adam hadn't worked as a team because then we might have been able to work better with the issues. I wish others would have stayed out of it and not fallen for his manipulation. I wish anyone could have given us counseling and solutions to make his placement work out. I wish things hadn't happened to him before we got him to cause the issues. I regret the years we've lost. I really hope he can get into the military and have a good career and that we can build a relationship with him as an adult. But we can never get the early years back. Sometimes I think it was just me, but he's been there for four years and he did three really serious wrong things there just in the past few months. They are letting him finish out.

Adam seems to be doing better behavior wise at school now that he knows the teachers and I are communicating regularly. Unfortunately he has four poor grades. This is a smart child. But he'd rather socialize than work so he is behind in most of his classes. His school is trying to start a basketball team through the boys club. This is the only year he will be young enough, so I really want to see him do it. But the grades have to come up and the detentions have to stop. I know he can do and I hope the desire to play basketball is stronger than the desire to socialize during class. Adam has been selected to do an "internship" helping with the middle school PE classes on Mondays. Many of the kids do internships for experience but it's usually at the hospital or other clinic or in a technology based business. Those would not interest Adam, but PE does so I'm hoping he'll do well with this. He does well working with younger children but some of these kids are barely two years younger than him so we'll see.

To be continued....


Karen said...

You have lots going on! You are doing so well, God Bless.

One Crowded House said...

Love the pictures from the olden days!!!

Felicia said...

Oh, I understand about those wishes. You've done a great job with your kids.

Kathy C. said...

Thanks everyone.