Monday, April 5, 2010

Flashlight Egg Hunt

Tyler, Jessica and Adam were getting much too old for egg hunts, but I wasn't ready to give up the tradition so we switched it to an after-dark hunt by flashlight. Last year was the first year we did that. Love it. The eggs can be in plain sight but since it's after dark, they aren't!

Ready to go. The jackets are due to swarming gnats not the weather.

Something isn't quite right here. And I heard that one egg hunter was throwing little frogs at the others. Glad they didn't bring those in!

Jessica counting the eggs to make sure they found them all.

Today was the first day of spring break but not a very notable one. The plan was to get KFC and go to a big park to play. But the three little ones all decided to test every boundary there was this morning--running around when they were suppose to be eating breakfast, kicking each other under the little table they sit at to eat, squirting toothpaste on the counter and each other, forgetting how to get dressed, running through the house screaming instead of playing in the play area. I kept giving them reminders that we were going to go to the big park but had to wait until KFC was open. I finally just gave them hotdogs and put them down for naps, but then I went and got KFC for the older ones who had been diligently cleaning rooms and getting rid of outgrown clothes, old school papers etc. and organizing.

We are supposed to go to a movie tomorrow but they know if they try the same behaviors tomorrow the result will be the same only I will stay home with the little ones while Jessica drives the others to the mall for the movie.

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Happy Easter Kathy!