Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everyday Stuff

On normal days we pretty much just hang out, play at home, go to school, cook, bake, cook some more....

I just introduced the twins to 24 piece puzzles. We are working on the concept of assembling the border first.

When I first met the twins May 07, just past their 2nd birthday, my thought was that Kaleb was running a bit slow. I had that same feeling with each visit. Now that he is home, it is obvious that he doesn't catch on as quickly, doesn't understand many things and will need more time to learn. That's okay. It's not like he's my first special needs child. Ummmmm, do I have a child with no special needs??? We have attachment issues, conduct disorder, asperger's syndrome, EEC syndrome, cocaine effect issues, language processing disorder and a child with strong tendencies toward addictive behaviors. I had some really interesting issues with foster children in the past too. I think I can handle a child running slow. Our school has services.

One of the twin's favorite toys is a bowling set they received from Jasmine's teacher. We have an hour and a half between when the last older child leaves for school and when I take the twins so we have some just-us play time.

The twins, like the others at their age and even now, like to help cook or bake.

We were making pancakes which it turns out that neither twin likes.

I got some prefilled eggs 75% off so I hid eggs in the living room and we had one last egg hunt.

Ready for school. Gotta love Kayla's underwear in the picture!

We made cake with diet soda. Take any regular cake mix and add 12 oz of any diet soda. Mix and bake as a 9x13 cake. It is moister than normal so you can't frost it. We used 7 UP because there are some flavors that just don't go together well. We did Sierra Mist and Spice Cake last time. This time we did yellow cake and 7 Up. I have diet orange soda but wasn't brave enough to try that. One of you can try it and let me know how it is : )

Jessica got camera happy!!!

Kayla was napping and the others weren't home yet.

The cake was really good! (Our opinion of course, but everyone ate it except Jasmine who is getting over a stomach virus)

We have lots of events coming up these last weeks of school. Tomorrow is Tyler and Jessica's Explorer's awards dinner. Jasmine has soccer pictures at the same time of course. Friday is Jasmine's dance pictures and Saturday is soccer. Jessica's senior trip to Orlando is coming up as well as the parade for fallen police officers in Tallahassee. Jessica has a sign language show and senior recognition at church and there should be "baby" dedication coming up next month. The twins' have a school program, the twins' birthday is next month, Jasmine has a dance recital and then Jessica graduates and we have family coming from IN for that. We are having an open house too. And of course there are final field trips, field days and I have one in weekly counseling for the next 4-8 weeks to deal with issues. So lots to do. And I only have six children still at home. Some of you have twice that so I can imagine what your schedules look like!!


Renee said...

Ohh, we will have to try that cake.

You sound like the perfect Mom for Caleb. :o) Love the idea of doing the puzzles on the rubbermaid lids too.

Karen said...

What fun, Cathy. Bless you and your family.