Monday, April 12, 2010

ECW Pensacola

This past weekend Jessica and I went to the ECW convention in Pensacola. We had to leave at noon on Saturday because she couldn't get Sat evening off of work but at least we got to go to some of it.

Karen Kingsbury was here for the third year (it's only our second)

Karen's mom and I are solving the world's problems.

Karen's son Tyler sang a song he wrote and was swamped with female admirers of all ages.

Jessica with Karen's daughter Kelsey.

We left before Mandissa sang and Chonda Pierce spoke. She is really funny so I was sad to miss that but happy that we got to go to the first part of the convention.

Unfortunately I came home to find out that one child used another child's personal laptop to access pure trash online and now the hard drive is totally messed up. He really needs it for college today so he is very unhappy because it's going to put him behind on his course work and we are close to the end of the year.

After a similar incident in the fall passwords were added to all the computers, and all but this one has a PG-13 setting. This computer was on because the owner left it running a program when he left for work planning to finish the program and shut down when he got home. It was in his own bedroom. No child is allowed in another child's room without permission.

The community computer is in the kitchen where it is visible, is pass word protected, has the PG 13 rating and since it is older, it has a network card and I have the card. Remember when the only worries were if the child would be potty trained in time to go to preschool and if they'd learn to read okay?


Karen said...

Oh, my, you got to another conference, I'm so jealous! Yes, Cathy I remember, the potty training days and simpler problems.

Renee said...


Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I am praying for you and for your family. I really enjoy your Blog. You have such a genuine heart.

I am glad you and Jessica had such a great time. I just picked up a Karen Kingsbury book the other day at Sam's. I am determined to read a just for fun book and I have heard great things about her novels.