Friday, April 23, 2010

Around the House

Ginger ale and sherbert.

Hope you don't mind if I put my hand on your face!

Can't decide if this is lunch or not. When the twins and I got home from preschool yesterday, Cheyenne (dog) and Shy (cat) were laying side by side with this snake snuggled in between them!! The twins wanted to pet it. Yet they scream if a bee comes near.

Planting flowers.

This one isn't around the house, it was a special service at our church for wounded soldiers last night. Jessica played sax in the orchestra but you can't see her.

It was a beautiful day to play outside.

I cleaned out the smaller shed and in the process pulled out all the baseball/softball stuff and spent an hour playing catch with the three little ones. This is Kayla's scary look.

We talked about maybe trying baseball/softball in the spring instead of soccer. When the older four were little they were in t-ball, coach pitch and machine pitch. Here everything is earlier. T-ball is 3 yr olds and young 4s. Older 4s/5s are coach pitch and six is machine pitch!!

Watering the gardens.

Putting the net on the trampoline. Hopefully I'll soon have pictures of them enjoying the trampoline. It's starting to storm now and I hope it doesn't rain out soccer, plus I'll probably take the three little ones to the beach. Have to have Jessica at her school tomorrow morning at 5:30 fro a two-day senior trip. Pray for safety for all the seniors and chaperones.


Lisa said...

A note on the trampoline - weigh it down with sand bags on the legs! The net will act as a sail in strong storms and it will fly. :(

Julie said...

Looks like you are having fun!

Karen said...

Great pictures, except for the snake...euwwwwww. What kind was it?