Monday, March 22, 2010


This weekend I took Jessica shopping for a prom dress. (Tyler and Jasmine went along.) I really didn't want to see her spend $200+ for a dress she would only wear once. We went to a fairly new shopping center about 45 minutes away. We were going to Belks, but it had been replaced by a Dillards. We have one of those in our mall, and they never have good sales or clearance. The shopping center had a bigger JC Penneys though, and they had 50% off all dresses for three hours and we were there right in time!

Jessica got a really nice dress that was $99 half priced. Then the lady gave her $15 off for spending more than $75. So she paid $90 including tax. She couldn't find anything she wanted for Easter, so I told her if she wasn't going to get an Easter dress, I'd give her $40 toward her prom dress or shoes to go with it. We didn't have time to look for shoes.

I got Jasmine two church dresses for when it gets warmer. She had fun trying on about six dresses while Jessica tried on prom dresses. It was harder to choose which to buy.

When we got home, Rick had taken out Kayla's beads and twists for us, but we only had one hour to wash it, retwist and bead it before we need to leave for the twin's first trip to the theater. We got busy in a hurry. Tyler and Jessica also had to get dressed because they worked--same theater.

Jessica got Kayla's hair washed, and I sectioned it. Then we worked together to bead it. We got it done just in time. This picture was taken Sunday so at least it held up well overnight!

We went to the second Alvin movie and the twins sat through the whole thing. Normally they use having to pee as an excuse to get up and run around all the time, but we didn't hear the normal, very dramatic "pee pee" even once!
(Does anyone else's child do that?)

Tyler had to start work the same time as the movie, but he didn't really want to see it anyway. Jessica had fifteen minutes before work when the movie ended.

It's kind of weird posting about prom dresses and movies because I grew up in a church very opposed to both. True Christians didn't dance and didn't go to movies. I understand their reasoning, but at the same time, I'd rather that my children have hearts that love the Lord and want to do right rather than have a list of rules they have to obey or risk God's displeasure. That way once they are away from our home and rules, they will still want to do right and not walk away from their faith because it was all legalism.

We are picky about the movies our kids see, but two of them are adults and work in the theater so have the chance to watch any movies that come out. If they are just controlled by me and not their own heart, they might be tempted to watch trash. But since the values are their own, I don't worry about them watching inappropriate movies. And I don't worry about Jessica at the prom next Saturday--other than how late she'll be driving home when there might be drunk drivers out. She doesn't date because the guys who ask her out don't share her faith and that's important to her. So I'm not going to worry about her making bad choices at the prom or after. It's not that I think she's above making mistakes, but that I've done what I can to instill godly values and she has embraced them.

Saturday evening Kayla had a fever of 102.5 that lasted until mid morning Sunday and then it was suddenly gone. But she didn't get to go to church this week.

I have finished up the first half of my devotion book for Tyndale. I just need to adjust the word count on some of the devotions and then that half will be on its way via e-mail.


kayder1996 said...

Good points about having a heart that loves God and not just being controlled by a list of rules.

Karen said...

Whoo Hoo for hair, movies and your WIP! :)

Lou said...

Yes, we didn't get to go to movies or the prom or play cards or the lottery or anything else and had to wear dresses to church and school...
I hope you are going to post pictures of the Jessica in her dress!!
I want to see the Alvin movie!!! But my hubby or mother still won't go to a movie theater. and Jerry probably wouldn't appreciate Alvin anyways!!