Thursday, March 11, 2010

School Issues and Giggly Girls

Yesterday I had a call to come pick up a child from school for behavioral reasons. Probably not the child you are all thinking of. This time it was Kaleb! Twice this week I had reason to go back into his room after class had started, and both time he was walking around, and they weren't making him join the circle. I asked why he was allowed to do that, and they said because they couldn't keep picking him up and moving him. I think they let him do whatever he wanted at first, so now he won't do what they say. I told him in Creole to go to the circle and sit down. He ignored me first, so I got down in his face and repeated it, and he went.

Yesterday they called and said he wouldn't walk to chapel. He was refusing to get up off the floor, and he wouldn't sit time out. The director wanted me to come talk to him or to take him home. I said I'd come take him home, but the only reason I was leaving Kayla was that Jessica didn't have school until 12 because she didn't have to take the FCAT. Otherwise I would have taken Kayla home to so I didn't have to reload Kaleb and go back to the school yet again. It's only few minutes away but the in and out of booster seats gets old.

They had him in the office, and I told him in Creole (mine is VERY limited) that he was not good and did not obey his teacher so he was going home, and he would go to bed and not play and not get snack. Very basic but that's all I have the words for. The reason he wouldn't get snack is because morning snack happens at school,and he chose to not behave at school. I do not withhold meals. I asked him if he understood, and he started crying so obviously he did. Then the director said he could stay, and I said no. I took him home. I don't need to be running to the school whenever they can't get him to obey. I told them that if it becomes a problem I would get him on the waiting list for the local school where they have personnel to deal with these issues.

I was really annoyed because he is only four, and he is not violent nor does he act out. He is silently stubborn at times, and I have to get right down in his face, but he always comes around and does what he is suppose to. Last week Jessica and I were at writer's conference, and we got a lot of good advice from novelist on changes to make to our youth adventure book. It was only a half hour after we dropped the twins off and we had just tidied up the house and had just sat down to work on chapters one and two when we had to go get Kaleb.

I made him stay in his room until Jessica went back to get Kayla, and we did not interact with him so that he understands if he gets sent home it is not a fun mommy time. His teacher wants a conference after school today but it's not like there is a lot I can do. Either they get in his face and make him do what the rest of the group is doing or not.

All in all I think the twins are doing fabulous for only being home six weeks. They don't have any major behavior issues. They will test boundaries once in a while. I try to redirect them or make obeying fun. If that doesn't work, they sit time out for five minutes or so. If that doesn't work, I move them to their room to sit on their bed.

They are very loud and excited when the first get up, like to turn the lights on and off and shut doors which I just try to ignore, and they don't like to eat vegetables at all but I give them those first and when they are done (just a small spoonful) I give them the rest of their meal. These things aren't major to me. They are generally very happy and they fit very well in our family although now we have quite an age span--19, 18, 16 (Jeff who is away but visits), 15, 9 and now 4-year-old twins.

Since Jasmine has had FCAT this week she hasn't had homework, and that has been wonderful!! We usually spend up to two hours on homework, so she doesn't have much play time with the twins. This week she's been able to play everyday.

This is some sort of special Christian school celebration week at the twins' school. Monday was teddy bear day, Tuesday was red, white and blue day, Wednesday was Christian necklace day and they made one out of macaroni at school, and today is silly sock day. They borrowed Jasmine's Merry Madagascar sleep socks. I don't know if they really understand why they are wearing these goofy socks but since everyone else is wearing mismatched or goofy socks I think they'll get it. I hope they don't want to wear them everyday now! Tomorrow is silly hat day.


Kimmie said...

Praying for you. Asking God to give you wisdom.

I know our agencies have recommended no school for 6 months of them coming home. Not sure if this is possible, but it might help with bonding (and thus obedience.

sending a hug. You are a good mama Kathy.

mama to 8
one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

Karen said...

Kathy, I read the above comment and that certainly might have something to do with the problem. I just had a thought. Has his hearing been tested? Just wondering....God bless your effort and love for these children.