Monday, March 8, 2010

End of Conference and Beyond

The last night got a little late and wild.

Last morning. Saying goodbye to friends we probably won't see for a year. Sniff. Sniff. I mean, these people think I'm normal!!!

Haha. You'll never know the story behind the face! Or maybe it's just that Jerry Jenkins is so scary.

Jessica and I stopped to shop and bring something home for everyone. Got these golf sets for the twins.

Tyler brought a little popcorn home after work.

The twins attend a Christian preschool. A team from the church connected to the school is going to Haiti in the next few days. They want to try and visit the twin's orphanage and take pictures of the twins to the O. I took my camera to school and got pictures of the twins with all their classmates to include.


Renee said...

I have enjoyed all of your pictures of the conference. How fun to see the faces of so many of the pics we have read!

Your family is beautiful!

Karen said...

Cool pictures. Great fun at the conference! Oh, and look at you with Jerry Jenkins. Cool!