Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Much Coming Up

We are fixing up things around the house and yard right now. As you can see in the pictures, nothing grows in our yard. We have little grass which makes the yard look nasty.

Tomorrow Tyler has awards night for the local police Explorers group. Friday Jessica and I are visiting UWF and then on to the Extraordinary Woman's Conference in Pensacola Fri evening and all day Saturday. Sunday afternoon we are going to Sound of Music.

Next week Jasmine has field day and field trip--just a walking one to a local park. Jessica has her spring band concert then takes the SAT reasoning test and I think Ty goes to Tallahassee for the ceremony for fallen police officers.

Last year

The following weekend we are picking Jeff up and taking him to Wild Adventures for a late birthday outing.

The next weekend Jasmine has a fishing tournament out on a fishing boat on the ocean. The rest of us will be home cleaning like crazy because family starts coming Monday the 18th. Adam would have had his band concert and field trip but I think most of you know what happened with that. Thankfully it was the administration who banned him not me although I totally agree. That week we also have full dress rehearsals for the dance recital and graduation, have the recital and graduation; them last soccer game, soccer party and Ty's open house on the same day.

Then on Memorial Day those of us who survived it all will be having break downs on a nearby beach!!
The hotel nearby has ice cream, soda etc. in their little store.


Terry said...

Whew! I'm tired :)

One Crowded House said...

oh my! You guys are going to be busy!

Lou said...

When are you guys going to come up and make me a patio??? And you could plant my garden which actually needs to be done during the time we are there. I am going to have to do it before we come down or after we get back.
We cannot plant in April due to the fact that we could still have snow. :(