Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Countdown Continues

Trying on cap and gown.

Trying on recital costumes.


PreSchoolMama said...

wow it sounds like you guys have been very busy. I love your idea of a flash light egg hunt I am going to try that one. I get the best ideas from you. I am so sorry about the hard tme Adam is having I will be praying for him. He's at a hard age. My neiece is having a hard time too she is very disrespectful towards her parents and other adults and is really causing some problems. It's so hard being a parent sometimes. I'm thinking about you and sending you my love hang in there. Congratulations on Ty graduating that must be so exciting what are his plans later?

Karen said...

Jasmine looks so cute in the costumes. Will be waiting for the recital pictures. What a handsome boy Ty is, I know you are proud.

Busy, but fun time.