Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chaos continues

Work continues on the patio. Yep, these are new pictures but he's wearing the same thing as in the last post. It's his favorite outfit.

Work continues on the garden.

Jasmine takes the potting soil to Jessica in the cute little bucket on wheels I got at Walmart.

Jasmine thinks she might want to play softball next year. She was having a little trouble holding the bat. She is missing bones in her fingers on her left hand so her fingers are one or two digits shorter than normal. It only affects gymnastics bars, gripping things like bats, and which instrument she will be able to play. She will not be able to be a sax player like Jessica.

We all got cleaned up for the Explorer's awards ceremony. It was a carry in supper although they called it a banquet. Jessica and Rick are having a fight over the food.

Jasmine didn't want to miss out.

Ty was hungry.

Tyler gets a community service award.

Tyler promotes to Corporal.

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BIG DOG said...

Congratulations Tyler - I am proud of you