Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Jasmine's Photos

I told Jasmine we would make a graduation collage of her favorite photos for her senior year. I mean, why have one photo when you can have a collage, right? I am sure we will take many more photos over the next few months, but I'm trying to pick the best of what we already have taken. A few times we had major flops.

This first set was taken the same day as her official yearbook ones at Romo. We had her make up done in the mall and didn't realize how overboard they went with her eyebrows. It's very different for her. Nonetheless, which of these do like best?

Leave the number in the comment section. Numbers are above the pictures. Even if you don't normally comment, please do!

















Ken S. said...

The only one I like is #12, because it's the only one where those eyebrows don't look like they are about to jump off Jasmine's face and attack me!

Kathy Cassel said...

Yes, they got carried away and I thought she liked it, but she hadn't realized it would look like caterpillars.

Anonymous said...

I like #15 because it looks very natural & relaxed, not so stiff and posed.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are good, the eyebrows are what girls are doing though. I have seen it many times over. She is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I like #2, 6, or 10. Exciting year coming up!


Emily said...

I like 3 and 10. But my favorites aren't in these...I love the ones of her in the big sun hat.

N. said...

1 and 6

Anonymous said...

I like 9 & 15

Valerie in NJ

Anonymous said...

I like 1 and 10..


sorry I don't know my password any more to log in..

Anonymous said...

10, 11, and 15. The others aren't anywhere near as good!

Felicia said...

like 10 and 11 the best.