Thursday, May 31, 2018

Our Trip: Last Day

We had beautiful weather our last day in NYC. I have never walked the Brooklyn bridge, and with Rick's foot issues we didn't walk the whole thing, but we walked partway, me a bit farther than him.

This was near the Brooklyn Police Station, but none of the officers know what it's for.

We decided to walk to St Paul's where they used to have cots where the firemen slept during 9/11 and letters, pictures, orgami from children in Japan etc. But we found that all of that was moved to the museum, and the church now has a security scanner just to go in.

Disappointed, we walked on to Trinity Church--and found out it had just closed for renovations.
But we could go into the grave yard.

 For some reason I ALWAYS want to know the stories behind these lives & deaths.

 Like why does this above one says dangers free? How did the child die?

This is part of a huge monument explained below.

 And what about this one? Eight children who all died in birth or 8 children who all died at once? Love the names too.

This is steamboat inventor.

After that,we people watched in an open area.
Getting chicken on a stick which they serve in a bun! (We don't do that here. In fact NYC is the only place I've ever had my chicken on a stick in a bun!)

I did ask permission to photograph them and left money in the tip box. Evidently he teaches chess there every day for tips.

From there we walked to the 9/11 pools.

They put a flower on the names on the birthday.
Then we realized that if we didn't get moving, we would miss our flight! I even did one run for the subway and hold the door for Rick, who had our carry on luggage. He actually got up at 5 a.m. and took public transportation to the airport and checked our bags so we wouldn't have to deal with them all day.

We made the first flight, but it landed as they were boarding our second flight AND we had to go to a different terminal. We got to that terminal as they were calling the final boarding call!!!

But we made it and arrived home with no issues.

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