Thursday, May 17, 2018

Our Trip: Boston

Boston was fun, but we would have done it differently if we'd known more about it. We paid for the on/off trolley tour. I'd researched ahead which stops we wanted to get off at. I lost that list, but we knew we wanted to get off at Cheers Bar and the Public Park. One of my life goals (bucket list) was to see the bronze ducks from Robert McCloskey's Make Way for Ducklings in the park. 

We first got off at a free museum, and I was able to purchase the book there. So I had the book for the pictures.  Our second stop was Cheers, and then the park was right across the street.

We shared this, we didn't each have one.

The ducks!

There was lots more we wanted to see, but the tour ended at 5:00! We should have just stayed at the park and explored it more, but we jumped back on the bus. This driver was frustrated with the traffic and didn't do a very good job of telling us what we were seeing. Besides which, we were on the top, and the wind was really (!!) cold. Over the weekend I'd developed severe inflammation in two teeth, had an emergency dental visit Monday since we were flying out Tuesday. I was given some heavy duty antibiotics and pain meds. As a result I slept off and on during the flights, the drive and even the end of the Boston tour. I wish we'd had time to see things like the Old North Church, The Boston Harbor where the tea party took place and such, but we spent too much time on a tour bus stuck in traffic.

It was a good day, but frustrating at the same time because I didn't really get a feel for Boston. The next morning we left for Rhode Island.

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