Sunday, May 14, 2017


Today Rick and the three youngest kids and I were in church together. 

The pastor preached on families. At the end he addressed the mothers, then the fathers, then the kids. He talked right to the kids about honor, respect and obedience. When he closed in prayer, Jasmine and I slipped out to go to the shop.

As soon as we left, the twins started acting up. At our church we close with a song. Everyone stands and sings and those who want to make spiritual decisions can go to the front and pray or talk to someone. The twins refused to stand. Rick lifted them to their feet, and they sat right back down.

If we had not already planned something, they would have both gone to bed way early since they were clearly too tired to stand. But I find it ironic they did this bit of defiance immediately following a clear challenge to live God's way by being respectful and obedient and showing honor.

Tomorrow I will post about the afternoon's activity.

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