Monday, April 17, 2017


I know a blog post is long overdue. Unfortunately, so is Jessica's baby! Winter was due April 11, and there is no sign of her.

Jessica has been wanting to go to the beach, so we went twice. Jasmine had late start due to the testing schedule so was able to go the second time.

River is getting so big. She can walk, climb and get in to everything. She is 15 months old. 

She loved the sand. Especially putting it all over herself.

We went to a different beach both beach days.

River helps me test new toys for the shop.

Tara, Sierra, Adam and Kiki came over for a bit before leaving for the beach. Here are the girls. Wish Jessica and River could have joined us, but they did meet us at the beach.

Have fun with photos. Ty was still asleep!

Glad to have so many together, but sad we are not yet approved for child #9.

Flying kites on Easter. A Haitian tradition.

Hopefully we will have baby news for you soon.

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