Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It's Been a Month

It's been a month since I last posted. Sometimes there is nothing to say, others times there isn't time to say it.

Opening a shop at our local flea market has been very time consuming, but it's also given me a sense of purpose.  It has been a waiting game with hearing back from a publisher about my YA fiction. No answer to my e mails, no nothing. A waiting game to hear from our adoption worker and wondering why everything has come to a halt. But when it comes to the shop, we are all fully engaged.

Ty and I spend the week searching for good buys--toys that are for sale cheap because of their condition that we can clean up, repair etc and get ready to resell. Our family room (you remember I fixed it up a while back--see that post here) now looks like a warehouse. Other than being totally frustrated by the clutter, I am loving it.

Tara came to visit the shop. I will take some better photos of the shop on Friday. The flea market is open 8-5 Friday and 7-5 Saturday and Sunday. We can't get in during the week at all. So bad news if we leave something there we need.

We've had spring break.Too much of it was spent dealing with behavioral issues, but we also had a nice day at the beach.

I took River to the park while Jessica went to her prenatal appointment. She goes weekly now.

There is a big storm moving in right now, and school is already canceled for tomorrow. Jessica is due on the 11th, and I'm hoping she doesn't go into labor during this storm.

I have a parenting blog that features quick tips since most of us don't have much time to read. You can check that out HERE.

Who has already had spring break and who is on break this week?


Anonymous said...

I thought you had your newest family member and that was why you didn't post. How do you have time for the kids with the flea market? Do they help there?Spring break was last week. Rain mostly as usual during Spring break. We have had a few dry days but back again to rain on Thursday. sigh. Best wishes to Jessica with her next labor and deliver. I bet it will be fun for
River when she gets here. Well when the new one is a little older. Have a blessed week.


Felicia said...

We are currently on our spring break, need to catch up my blog as well!