Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Random Thanksgiving Photos

It's been a quiet week here, so I'm going to post some random photos from Thanksgiving at Jessica's house.
Adam photo bombing Jasmine, Tara and ZonaMae (Hunter's niece)

Part of the crew. We were waiting for Rick and the twins to arrive.

Rick carving one of the turkeys. Jessica got one from work and baked it, and a friend of Hunter's gave them a fried turkey. It was amazing.

Adam, Tara, Kayla, Jasmine, Kaleb

The three "littles," but with Kealen, River and Winter (on the way), they aren't the littles anymore. I guess they are the middlers. Or what else could they be?

I played around with the filters on this photo. Which of the 4 do you like best? (I can't' remember which I ordered for Christmas cards)

Adam, Tara and Kealen. Wasn't sure if Tara and Kealen would be there. They are on again off again a lot. But they are young and have plenty of time. Still, Tara and Kealen would be welcomed members of the family. Adam spent 18 + months with Deja, but one year after they broke up, she had a baby. Didn't lose any time there.

The only thing I did in the last few days was dive and manage to lose my fairly new $450 dive camera :(

The camera is still strapped to my left wrist in this picture.

 Ty and I were supposed to dive today, but conditions are poor.

Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to post about next time! Slow week here.

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