Sunday, November 20, 2016

Just Stuff

We are finished with adoption class. But as I think I said last time, they've said they aren't going to even get to our paperwork until January at the earliest. So I just need to focus on other things and not sweat the wait. 

The good thing is that I know a social worker in another county that I had the privilege to meet at a writer's conference. She is genuinely a good person, and she let Parris' case worker know we are interested in him but that our county is in no hurry to get to our paperwork. She sent our 2008 home study, but that is 8 years old. The twins weren't even home yet. Jessica was a junior in high school, and she now pregnant with her second child! I wrote a description of our family now and included a couple of pictures, and she sent that too. Unfortunately, she hasn't heard back.

We really haven't done much this week. I signed up for nanowrimo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month, and it's a commitment to write 50,000 words of a novel during the month of November. That comes out to 1,666 words a day. I am at 34,263 so far, and pretty much on target.

Yesterday there was a write-in that went to three places. The writers started at one place and wrote (or drew), walked to the next place and then to a third place. Jasmine and I caught up with them at the third place. We took a couple of pictures outside and a couple inside.

Ha! Check out all the sugar in this picture! Jasmine helped me with it :)

We are coming up on crazy times, as are the rest of you I'm sure.
We have friends coming for taco soup tomorrow night and hope our adult kids can join us. Jessica is hosting Thanksgiving.

The big Christmas parade is Dec 3, and I think both girls are in it. Kayla can't really play the music, but I think they are going to let her play with the older band anyway. It's a title 1 school who just hopes the kids show up for school, and she will have lots more chances to succeed without having to be the best of the best.

December 4th is Jasmine's carols concert, and the 5th is the festival of choirs. 

The 8th is Kaleb's band concert.

The 9th is the Millville parade, and all the schools bring their preschool and kindergarten children. I think every school band in the county is there for it. I find it a lot more fun than the long. boring Christmas parade.

The 10th is breakfast with Santa. After breakfast with Santa, Kaleb has a swim meet and the parade of boats is that evening. It turns out the 10th is family day where Hunter works, so River can't go with us.

The 13th is Kayla's concert.

The 16th is Rick's work party, and the kids have early release on the 21st.

So that's what is ahead for us!

What's next up for you?


Emily said...

We have a fun, busy month, too!
W's choral concert, K&M's band concert, several fun events at church including the multi-generational choir performance (W, M & I are all in it), caroling with friends, a Christmas antique fair, and the JM&L's vaulting team demo/fundraiser. Plus, my bio mom is flying up from Arizona to spend Christmas with us.

Felicia said...

So much stuff that I am losing track!

Kathy Cassel said...

The more kids you have to juggle, the crazier it gets.