Friday, October 9, 2015

First Homecoming Dance

I'm getting used to the idea of Jasmine being in high school. But I don't really like it, because it means she's that much closer to becoming an adult and leaving. Last week she had her first high school dance. 

I wasn't going to buy a dress for it, because they cost so much, and it's only for one night. She was okay with just wearing a church dress. Then Jessica thought of asking her friend Delisa if Jasmine could borrow a dress.

Delisa is 5'2" and Jasmine is only 4'9"-4'10" but we thought it might work out anyway. And it did. We were looking for cute and modest. Delisa was a music major in college, and Jessica said she has a whole closet full of dresses she wore for performances. Jessica went and chose some she thought might work for Jasmine. 

She chose four short dresses and one long one. The long one didn't work out at all. The others are below. If you are a very strict family, you will not think any of the dresses are modest. But if you have kids in public high school, you know what most of the dresses look like.

The straps on this one were too long, but I love the color. If she had chosen this one, I would have folded over a couple of inches in back and tacked it. 
 This one was a good fit, but the color wasn't as pretty.
 I pinned this one together in front, but it was still too low. Loved the color though.

 This turned out to be our favorite because we liked the color AND it has elastic at the top of the front to keep it up in place.

 I changed out her beads to match her dress the night of the dance.
 I wanted to take pictures of her to practice the stuff we did in photography class, so I had Rick lift her up on the railing. She wasn't really excited about that idea!
 But she did great. I was shooting on manual messing with the ISO, aperture and shutter speeds.

This is the last picture I have of her, because this is the first dance where I've dropped her off and left. She is growing up too quickly. I'm not ready.


One Crowded House said...

very pretty!!

Kathy C. said...

Thank you. Doesn't seem like our girls should be old enough. Working with Jessica's friend on a baby shower for Jessica which seems crazy too!