Sunday, October 18, 2015


Adam is having a tough time. He's making decisions about his career and trying to get into police or sheriff academy. And he's unsure about a lot of things. A lot of it is his private  story, so I won't share it. Only the part that's public thanks to facebook and other social media.

 On top of the decisions he's having to make, he broke up with his girlfriend (a few weeks back).

Then he took in a pit bull that needed a home and fell in love with her.

 Last night someone came over to his apartment in the middle of
the night to talk to him. They let the dog escape, and he found her dead by the side of the road this morning.

He's really going through a lot. Please pray he stays strong to his beliefs and values and doesn't react to all this by doing something less than wise. Sometimes being twenty can be tough. Sometimes being mom to adult kids can be tough.

I did what any mom would do. Made him supper.

He came over and played with Sash and Travis. Wasn't sure how he'd feel about being around the dogs, but they all know him.
We talked for a bit about his future plans, and then he left to pick up a friend. But I know he's missing his dog. They ran together three times a day, and that leaves a big void.


Anonymous said...

I am so so sorry about Adam and his dog. That's horrible. Planning for the future things I am going through that too with a couple of my 20 year olds especially my son. My daughter in the Army reserves is now in school getting her certificate for vet tech. Adam has a heart for animals maybe he would consider looking into something like that. The money she gets between financial aid and the military for school is a decent amount. Praying for your family please pray for my too. thanks


schnitzelbank said...

So sorry for Adam's loss. Keeping him in my thoughts!!
Is Adam at all interested in being a teacher? We have a huge need for quality teachers in my school district in OR. Very nice area, Right outside PDX, good support, good pay & benefits. We are actively recruiting more teachers of color, and promote a strong equity policy. I could see him working with kids!

megan said...

Oh that is really sad! Heather's Rottie jumped the fence and got hit by a car, she found him when she got home from work. I feel sorry for kids who have to figure out what to do with their future who don't have a clear vision what that might be. Praying for Adam that he gets clear direction what to do next.

Kathy C. said...

Adam is pretty set on police academy,but a couple of different things have happened that made him miss the deadline to sign up the past two times. He wishes he'd gone active duty not reserve, but he wanted to do college and be an officer. He's not in college at this time though.

kayder1996 said...

Sorry Adam is going through so much right now.