Saturday, January 10, 2015

Other Stuff We Did

Lately my blog has been kind of random and out of order. So this post covers the things that were skipped. These are the every day things that didn't get their own posts.

The kids had friends over.

All three are in fourth grade. He's the younger sibling of the above kids. You've seen him in my jet skiing photos before.

We did a few small fireworks and sparklers for "Jesus is the light of the world" on New Year's eve.

Kayla was okay with it, but Kaleb wouldn't hold a sparkler. 

We invited a family over from church and also a family from down the block (kids in top pictures). And it really is a small world because we know one family from church and one from the neighborhood, but they know each other through scouts!

Ty made this, and I'll post the recipe when I post a "What's Cooking" post (soon I hope)

We had pizza, taco soup, salad, chocolate chip cookies and the cherry jubilee Ty made.

The kids worked on a gingerbread train I got half price after Christmas.
I helped with the decorating when they lost patience with it and started working on making rubber band bracelets.

We stopped at an outlet mall on the way to a hockey game a couple of hours away, and there was a Disney store. No, Tyler did not get that shirt. I don't have a picture of the one he did get.

I have some cool pictures of the rink and the huge flag out on the ice, but they are on my tablet and I don't know how to transfer them to my computer. It's just a cheapy tablet, not an iPad or anything.

The kids loved hockey, and I wanted to take them to another game. But then I found out that I had managed to pick the only $5 family weekend. It's normally $20-40! Guess that's out.
The puppies came to visit. They just turned one. 
Jessica came over to tell Ty goodbye. He left on the 7th.

This is pretty typical.

Ty did not want to go back. He doesn't like the program he's in. It's a computer program, which everyone thought would be a good match for him. But it's not coming easy to him. I think he's capable but has it in his mind that he's not. He said he'd rather do plumbing or another hands on trade. They tried him on cutting down trees before putting him in computers, but he didn't have enough weight or strength. He ages out of the program next July.
It's been pretty cold out the last few days.

The dogs have been inside more than usual. They wore themselves out fetching toys.
Caspian, black sweater, is four and is a pug/pekingese mix. Travis, green sweater, will be 2 next month and is a dachshund/Pomeranian/Maltese mix. Baby girl in purple will be one next month and is most likely a rat terrier mix although the vet listed her as a chihuahua mix. She could be either.

Today was Kayla's first basketball game and I'll post those photos next time. I'm not sure I have any good ones. The gym doesn't have good lighting.

So that more or less brings us up to date.

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