Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Adam and I have January birthdays. Both of us lament having birthdays so close after Christmas. Mine is today (7th) and his is the 12th. But then we added in Hunter and Deja. Theirs are even closer to Christmas. Hunter's is the 29th and Deja's is the 30th. So we turned or are turning: Hunter 26, Deja 18, Me 53, Adam 20.

We decided to celebrate together on the 5th at Buffalo Wild Wings 45 minutes or so from here. We had Adam and not one, but two girls, Hunter and Jessica, Hunter's mom, Jasmine, Tyler and me. 

Ready to go

Not sure about the face.

Hunter's mom

After Adam, Jasmine is the next birthday.


schnitzelbank said...

Happy Birthday(s)! Have you ever considered doing a half-birthday, instead? Could be fun to get/give gifts in July!

Kathy C. said...

We do cupcakes on half birthdays.