Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Daily Stuff

I mentioned in the last post that we are back in an after-the-holidays routine. School all day, then chores, then extra curricular, circle time and homework. More emphasis on homework this quarter as my three have all become a bit lazy about completing assignments. They have found that if homework is not complete, they will not go to their evening activities this quarter. 

Our evening look like this:
Kayla        basketball practice
Jasmine     Country Christian Youth Choir

nothing so we have more time for circle

Kayla      basketball practice
Jasmine   hip hop

Kayla    gymnastics
Kaleb   gymnastics
Jasmine after school band

nothing = family time or a movie

Kayla plays on a 9-10 year old team. 

She has the potential to be good. Of the twins, she is the athletic one. Kaleb is fast, but not all so talented at team sports. Plus he can't keep focused. They are both going to try baseball in March, though. By them he should be on ADHD meds and we'll see what he can do when he focuses.

I made homemade strawberry shakes one evening.

Jasmine had some issues with the whip cream!

Which led to this.

And this. I don't suppose this ever happens at your house?

The dogs escaped the gate and got into some really stinky muck!

Kaleb and Jasmine worked together to bath the two puppies.

Jessica dropped by at just the right time to bathe her dog.
Next time I'll post pictures of the twin's 5 year homecoming anniversary.

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