Thursday, December 18, 2014

Let Vacation Begin!

Well, not quite. But almost.

The kids have a half day tomorrow (Friday). Except one who has been excluded from the class party due to seriously poor choices the past two weeks. A full day of in-school detention made no difference, and the poor choices escalated to the child getting up and leaving the room during classroom instruction, starting arguments with the teacher and shouting over the teacher when she tried to continue teaching. The same is happening in music, art and PE.

Tomorrow (Friday) afternoon we are headed to Disney. We will spend Saturday and Sunday there. The lines will probably be long, but Jasmine is doing her history fair project on Walt Disney (leaders and legacies), so of course we need first hand research at the Walt Disney exhibit at Hollywood Studios. They have a film about his life and displays that show the development of the movies and parks. All sorts of memorabilia. Her project is due not long after they go back to school after Christmas vacation.

Jasmine had spirit week last week. One day was fiction character day.

And there was decade day.

And Christmas sweater day, but she doesn't have any sweaters, so she wore a shirt.

And the last day was dynamic duo day. A friend wore the "I'm with Thing 2" shirt.

The cats have a new favorite nap place.

This year the three youngest got Disney ornaments. I'm afraid all of the children have a very mismatched set of ornaments from ones I cross stitched in the 90's to the gold ones Walmart used to sell and personalize to whatever we saw we liked after Walmart stopped carrying the personalized ones.

After the church program. 
Kayla is shooting up and isn't too much shorter than Jasmine now!

Jessica, Adam and Deja joined us for Sunday lunch, and Jessica put the finishing touches on the homemade peanut butter pie.
Jasmine had her concert Monday night. She's in the back on the right.

Kayla had her first basketball practice for youth center 9-10's basketball last night. I think she will enjoy it. She is going to work hard on being aggressive in good ways and playing as part of a team. I don't have any pictures. The games start January 10th so I will take plenty of pictures then. Both twins are still in gymnastics. Kayla got two stars on her belt tonight.
Tyler flew in today. Yeah, the hair is looking a little rough. Haircut tomorrow before we leave for Disney.

Here's one of Jasmine's concert songs.

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