Monday, December 22, 2014

Disney Trip

We left for Kissimmee about 1:30 Friday afternoon.
Ready to go
Taco Bell Stop

Traditional Epcot photo

Meeting Alice in Wonderland

Lines were really long for rides, so we spent most of our time in the World Showcase in the back watching different Christmas shows. We did do Test Track because Ty David hadn't done it before, and also Mission Space. But then we heard music from England, Scotland, Mexico and so on.

This was one group we listened to. All the groups were really good.

I loved seeing the kids having fun.

We left and went back to the hotel around 5 pm for a couple of hours and then went to Magic Kingdom. I wish we'd just stayed at Epcot. There were more special events we wanted to see, and Magic Kingdom was so packed that we did  little there. We got back to our hotel room at 2 a.m.! That was a different experience for the twins.

Hollywood Studios (They are supposed to be poisng, but they look sad/mad instead!)

 We got information for Jasmine's history fair project.
This is perfect since the topic is Leaders and Legacies.

It was crazy crowded and lines were long. The best part was the Frozen sing a long. Loved it. Went to it twice. 

We went back to the hotel around 5 and decided that just Tyler and Jasmine would go back to Magic Kingdom. I'm not going to go into that. Let's just say it was a preventive measure. You all know what I mean.

Waiting for the light show.

It poured and that cleared it out enough that they were able to go on the Mine Train and Thunder Mountain, the Jungle Cruise (which had a Christmas theme) and do a pirate treasure hunt. They had a really good time and got in around 1 a.m. Kayla was still up watching Disney channel. It was a novelty because the don't watch TV at home, just DVDs. Kaleb fell asleep around 11.

I would love to say we had an uneventful trip home, but that was NOT the case. Everyone is safe and it ended much, much better than it could have. I'll post about that next time. 

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