Monday, September 29, 2014


I'm sitting here waiting for Dancing with the Stars to come on. The only things I usually watch are NCIS, NCIS LA and Rizzoli and Isles all of which I watch on DVR after the fact.

But I started watching DWTS last season when Candace Cameron Bure was on. And decided to try it again this season since the Duck Dynasty girl is on it. I don't watch Duck Dynasty because they all drive me crazy, but at least they're being real.

There are so many random thoughts bouncing around in my head, I thought I'd just write them down and maybe it'll clear my mind.

 1. I hope I said something that made sense in my radio interview by phone this morning.
 2. I wonder if I can get a Canadian radio station here in FL, but not sure I really want to hear myself. (It was taped for Wed a.m.)
 3. Why do kids let my daughter coerce them out of their snacks and lunch treats? 
 4. If someone said to me, "I won't be your friend unless you give me that" I'd say, "You aren't my friend anyway or you wouldn't be trying to get my snack/treat."
 5. I'm glad that both twins' teachers seemed to "get it" when we had conferences last week.
 6. I hope my new alternator doesn't cost too much.
 7. I hope my 2001 SUV with over 243,000 miles last another couple of years.
 8. It's pouring. I hope it doesn't rain on Jessica's wedding day since it's a beach wedding.

 9. How did the plan to have an inexpensive beach wedding get so expensive?
10. I will be glad when we are done with this science fair project. Still have the research paper, bibliography, experiments, log, display board and abstract to go.
 11. This year we have a month's break before we start history fair--I think.
 12. I hope my mom and sister can come for Jessica's wedding. My mom isn't really able to travel anymore.
 13. I wish there was some soda in the house. 
 14. I wish there was some chocolate in the house.
 15. I wonder if the Tyndale editor got my new proposal. I haven't heard anything from her since she started. Another writer gave me her e-mail address.
 16.  I "love"Tangled and Frozen--mostly the music--I wonder when there will be another Disney movie?

 17. I wonder if the new Left Behind movie is worth going to the full price theater to see?
 18. Why hasn't there been anything new/decent at the "cheap" theater in the past few weeks? Planes 2 and How to Train Your Dragon 2 seem to have been skipped.
 19. I wish it were easier for me to write fiction. I want to write teen fiction that makes a difference. The real stuff. 
 20. Why does time seem to go so much faster when you're doing something fun than when you're waiting for something?

Okay, if you made it through that whole list--or skimmed it and have arrived at the bottom--it's your turn. Hit comment and write at least five random things that are going through your mind.


Sarah said...

My 5 random things that I'm currently thinking about are:

1. I wonder if it'll rain for this weekends Salmon Days.

2. I wonder why all the animals are so sleepy today.

3. Why is there never chocolate in the house?

4. I wonder why I'm just not motivated enough to loose weight.

5. I wonder why pumpkins are so late this year.

Katie Tripp said...

1. Why do fluorescent lights give me such a wicked headache every day?
2. I hope I can manage working this month while still keeping up with everything that needs to be done at home.
3.I wonder if the psychologist will be able to help my older son.
4. I wonder how long it will take to clean out my mother in law's house.
5. Is it too early to go to bed?

Emily said...

1. I wonder if our offer on the house will be accepted?
2. I wonder how it will go having my brother-in-law and his whole family staying with us in our little house for 10 days?
3. I wish I didn't have to go to the dentist next week.
4. I wonder if the pyschiatrist will be able to see L this week?
5. I miss my mom a lot recently.

val said...

1.) I wonder if my boss will come into the office or will I be alone all day?

2.) I wonder if the landscapers are cutting the grass at the office today?

3.) I wonder will my husband break out of the depression he is in?

4.) I wonder when I will get to see my new "extra" grandson who was born yesterday?

5.) I wonder if I am considered old at 41 if my 20 yr old "extra" son just had his first baby?

megan said...

1) I wonder if the Hydroxicut gummies I bought will actually work this time.
2) I wonder if I'll ever be motivated enough to actually use the C25K app I downloaded on my phone.
3) I wonder if my guy who sends me my work is going to get around to sending me something to work on for tomorrow
4) My kitchen isn't done yet but nothing more can be done until the cabinets come in and it was SO nice to have the house to myself again.
5) Would it be really rude to skip small group tonight when you're the one signed up to bring the snack?

Catherine said...

1. I wonder whether my son's new paraprofessional will be any good?
2. I wonder if this cold going through this house will hit everyone?
3. I wonder if my son will make it through 7th grade at our school?
4. I wonder if it will rain soon? The weather has been muggy and overcast...
5. I wonder if this list is too personal to share?

Kathy C. said...

Thank you all for sharing your randomness. We all have a lot on our mind! Some more crucial than others. Sounds like many of us are dealing with family issues that require chocolate!

:)De said...

1. I hope my brakes are covered under the warranty.
2. My kindergartner has on headphones and is saying his phonics so loud that I might as well have just let him listen without the headphones.
3. How come my blog never took off?
4. I hope gas prices drop before I travel next week.
5. Should I tell the kids that we are going on a road trip?

Kathy C. said...

Post pictures. I know a lot of time I'm so overwhelmed with the reading I have to do that I mostly look at pictures :)

Felicia said...

1. I wonder if I will be able to get services tomorrow at the school meeting for Larissa.
2. I wonder if little man will wake me in the middle of the night tonight.
3. I really need to get up and go to bed, my mind has turned to gel.
4. I wonder if I will actually find time to read the new book I bought today.
5. I wonder what the blog is the De is talking about.