Saturday, September 27, 2014


Last Saturday Jessica and I drove to Murfreesboro for the Christian Products Expo, which took place Sunday afternoon to Tuesday noon.

We did some shopping at an outlet mall and ended up buying clothes that I wore for the book signing and the two days on the floor expo floor (even though I'd packed clothes).

Before the book signing

The expo was held in this hotel, but we stayed in a less expensive one an exit away.

Ready to sign. I should have started signing ahead because when they opened the doors, we were all swamped. I signed over 90 copies of my book in one hour. I think we went over time. I tried to talk to each person and find out where he or she was from. Some were local, but some were from as far away as WA and PA just for a three day weekend.
With another Tyndale author, Karen Whiting, and Michael, our sales rep.
I'm talking to a bookstore owner from Shipshewana, which is near where I grew up. I've taken the kids there the past few years when we've gone to IN.
Karen and I working hard at loading the bags with fliers and book marks and adding the tissue paper.
Jessica taking the bags down to the room for the morning meeting.
Getting ready for the morning program--opening, devos etc.
I was up first.
I even remembered what I was supposed to say!

I don't know what Cynthia (on the end) was talking about, but Cec is either asleep or praying, and I have no idea what I said to Karen.
Okay, we're all awake and calm again.
This bookstore owner won a box of books we donated.
With Michael and Karen on the expo floor.
These guys from CA were just so awesome I had to get a picture with them.
I send author interviews to Andrea for the More to Life  newsletter, but I hadn't met her until this weekend.

So that's what Jessica and I did last weekend.

We are now less than four weeks until Jessica's wedding.


One Crowded House said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Kathy C. said...

It's fun to do the "upfront" stuff since most of our work is done at home alone.

Anonymous said...

None of my emails are going through to you, so I'm hoping you see this. It says, "Too much spam." TC

Kathy C. said...

Rick's calling knology to find out what's going on.